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My reasoning was at least if (and when) he rejected me, at least we would have only wasted one date.” She came to realize that she was giving into “all those feelings of inadequacy, self-loathing, and depression …I felt broken, worthless, and alone.” Read how she emerged from what she calls “the yuck.” Instead, be proactive.I’m depressed about feeling I can’t be physically intimate with anyone ever again. Knowing and communicating the facts about the virus and how it is and isn’t transmitted will help you navigate dating. About one in five Americans has genital herpes, and the Centers for Disease Control estimates that over 80% of those who have it don’t know they’re infected.You might have carried the virus for decades before your first and only outbreak.Your husband or a partner before your marriage might have transmitted it to you without ever knowing they were carrying the virus.Don’t assume that your husband was unfaithful – if he had herpes, he might have gotten it before you met.

Oral herpes is so common that many of us get it as children from being kissed by relatives.Experts estimate that at least one in two, and possibly 80% of adults have oral herpes.You can prevent the transmission by using condoms for fellatio and “dental dams” (aka “sex dams”) for cunnilingus.Herpes is very common, and so is the tendency to feel awful about having it. Sex educator Ashley Manta writes, “I was rejected countless times.It got to the point that I started disclosing on the first date just to get it over with.