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Join a group, get involved in a movement, make a new friend.

If you’re looking for love, widening your circle of contacts never hurts.

But hanging solo on February 22, 26, and 27—when Mars has run-ins with three powerful planets—wouldn’t be a bad idea, since you’ll find it practically impossible to play nice.

And brace yourself for a lunar eclipse in your love house on the 10th, when an affair could either finally take off or finally max out. Jupiter goes retrograde from February 6 to June 9, persuading you to evaluate your aspirations connected with partnership.

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Reliability and stability are refreshingly attractive qualities right now, so slackers need not apply! O.” from your vocabulary, and say yes to someone who shows up on time and isn’t still living with his or her ex.

If you’re already in a relationship with a stand-up person, this planetary influence highlights the five senses, meaning anything from an aromatherapy massage to a nature hike can be a bonding experience.

The energizing sun remains in your sign until February 18, plus Mercury zips through Aquarius from the 7th through the 26th, offering the added benefits of a quick mind and a silver tongue.

You radiate personality and wit now, so don’t hide out at home—no matter how cold it is outside.