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With more sexual freedom, women are slowly letting go of feeling like “used goods” if they have enjoyed physical relationships with several men.That new freedom and awareness tends to be more prominent in younger women but is slowly replacing the automatic shame of the past in older women as well.They figure that the truth will emerge at some point and why not vet people earlier to see if they can handle what is real.If those revelations about self are delivered with confidence, comfort, and pride, they are most often respected even if the relationship doesn’t continue to the next step.The belief that men don’t really want to settle down until they’ve sampled enough potential sexual experiences is newly the realm of women as well.The real test, then, is how a woman feels about herself, regardless of the amount of sexual partners she has experienced sequentially or simultaneously.

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Perhaps those old attitudes are not as easily erased as we would have hoped by now.More men than women just assume that women they date will get that they’re not sexually monogamous if they haven’t made the commitment to be exclusive in that way.They usually don’t talk about their other involvements but they don’t feel it necessary to stop them unless that person becomes a high priority and the offer of current exclusivity is necessary to keep her.Internet dating can equalize that to some extent with its capacity for anonymity of past entanglements, qualitatively different than the exposure when dating someone who comes vetted by trusted others.Most relationship seekers on cyber-dating services, whether men or women are frequently talking to many potential partners through email or texts while juggling on-going possibilities and keeping back-ups in case of “fall-throughs”.