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It is difficult to think that at any moment you could get a call that says she is sick and you will be in the hospital for the next few weeks with her.It is generally difficult to worry about her every moment of every day.The difficult part is that they sometimes come on without warning...because someone looked at her wrong, spoke to her, because she was surprised, happy, miserable..get the point.She is pretty much always constipated, gagging, refluxing, taking medications or generally worrying her mother (that would be me) to death.Just like it is rewarding and difficult to have a normal developing child.

An example of a chromosomal genetic disorder is Down syndrome.Children with cri du chat syndrome need therapy to help them develop their cognitive and speech skills, as well as their muscle tone.Depending on the severity of the symptoms, adults may need continuing support for mental and physical disabilities throughout their life.And for me, having Hailey is enjoyable when it's not difficult! The cat-like cry heard from birth generally goes away after the age of two.