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His most recent album was titled that the biggest lie he told himself was "that I couldn't be gay in country music.I’ve dreamed about being in country music since I was 6 years old.You've just got to be tougher and do it better.'""Ninety percent of the people I work with are in Nashville, and they have their own convictions about it, and the stigma that surrounds it, if you will, so I was just very apprehensive about how to pull it off," Gilman says."And I went through two months of ' I can't, I can't, I can't yet ... There was a moment of fear in my head that they might not love me anymore, but loving me is loving my music. "It's just been an awesome, supportive, loving atmosphere. "Which I hope it will be in country, because literally I think I came out yodeling or something — it's just bred into me. It has not been something where I went, ' Oh, I just put the last nail in my coffin,'" he says with another laugh.

Cowboy Cowgirl is a dating site for people looking to date online. It was always just me, so I never really thought, ' Am I, or am I not [gay]? I don't know how to explain it any other way."That changed when Gilman met his partner through a fellow musician in Rhode Island.The country singer realized he would have to address his sexuality publicly four or five months into the relationship, when a professional photographer spotted them together at a festival."I thought, ' This is just gonna keep happening,'" he recalls.She raised nearly 0,000 to fund her new album via Kickstarter.That may be indicative of what the future holds for equality in country music.