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Many readers will already be familiar with Tonya Reiman and her work as a Political Body Language Reading expert consultant to FOX NEWS on the prestigious "O'Reilly Factor" television news show.What you might not realize with watching her brilliant and insightful body language reading signals and deciphering the secrets of body language reading of politicos (especially during this Presidential Election year with all of the Debate Nights), is that Ms.This can empower both men and women to recognize and avoid them rapidly so you can quickly move on from such significant time wasters.Chapters Nine and Seventeen cover both male and female Bird Plummage so you can dress to impress for Dating Success with all the right trimmings for you for winning in the Mating Game.Additionally interwoven throughout this section of the book is the great similarities as well as the contrasted differences in chemistry creation attraction and mate selection priorities of men and women. Chapter Eleven develops our skills to avoid the pain, dejection, and embarrassment of personal rejection by building our body language reading skills to determine ourselves if "Is He Into Your or Over You" as the chapter title indicates.

For example, in the chapter where she talks about differences between the sexes, she readily acknowledges that she is covering the ninetieth percentiles, the majorities ..typical male and typical female brain.As Live Science explains: "Rather than seeing the world through sex-colored glasses, men seemed just to have blurry vision of sorts, overall." But heterosexual men might be at a slight disadvantage since women's sexual interest is typically harder to detect, which makes sense evolutionarily considering that females have a greater reproductive investment at stake when mating.For instance, a 2009 study published in Psychological Science evaluated males' and females' ability to spot other people's romantic intent by watching video clips of speed daters.The books I have read in the past that discuss differences between sexes, fail to mention this piece of information, which is unfortunate since I quickly realize that most of what being mentioned does not describe me at all (or some of my friends either) and any credibility in what the author has to say is lost.Had the other authors acknowledged this limitation, it would have made a big difference. I had the privilege to meet Tonya Reiman at a conference seminar in Las Vegas, and I am huge fan of this brilliant lady who is such a body language reading expert of politicians and celebrities alike.