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So if you are self-conscious about your arms, wear a long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve or if you aren't a fan of your toosh, wear a long jacket.

The fact is, if you feel comfortable, you will look comfortable in the photo's.

He owns a muted pink tie and muted purple tie.” Those items can be easily used in the family fashion pick of the day.

“It is so easy to wear glitter and hot magenta pink, but we have consciously chosen not to do that to open up choices for us.

Heaven forbid, one of them got lost, I know what they are wearing at zoos, and amusement parks. I look for seasonal clothes and the size they will be next year.

Packing/laying out the outfits“Wearing coordinating outfits makes packing for trips easier. At Kid to Kid, they have so many items, you can buy it when the season arrives and buy the size you need.

Safety in the same“As much as I love to coordinate the girls, there is also a safety issue.

“I love to see the pictures of the girls wearing the same baby dress. Just dressing alike, can tighten our bond together. My husband, Jonathan, has three sisters, so he is used to a houseful of girls.

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I hope it tightens their bond, dressing alike, sharing clothes and choosing clothes. Coordinating the Whole Family“On Saturday night, we decide what we will wear on Sunday to church. Sometimes, I will choose a dress that perhaps someone is about to grow out of and I want to see them wear it one more time, we will wear coordinating outfits around that dress.

“Sometimes two girls will wear a matching dress, and the two other girls will wear complementary colors. My husband and I will wear coordinating colors in his neckties, and my necklaces, skirts or shoes.