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"It's a cliché but performers love playing to a Belfast crowd - they are noisier than audiences anywhere else and they know all the words to the songs and are not afraid to sing along."Some people say it is because fewer bands play here, but everyone plays here now." And John's lifelong affair with music has also led to romance.It was great fun and it all came together really well - Belfast looked great." John says MTV had planned to stage its EMA extravaganza in the city for many years but a lack of hotel accommodation in Belfast just couldn't support the thousands of extra visitors who would flood in."Bringing the EMAs to Belfast had been talked about for years prior to 2011, but tourism wasn't as developed as it is now - the infrastructure just wasn't there - otherwise it would've been sooner." He is passionate too about the city where he grew up, and which he also credits for his love of music: "Belfast has such a strong musical tradition, it always has," he says."There is such a vibrant music community in Nashville and I meet with musicians and producers I have gotten to know during my career."I don't have any aspirations to be the next Ed Sheeran, I write songs for myself, I just love doing it.If something is good it is good." John began his radio career at Cool FM over 20 years ago before landing the MTV gig.

And for those artists MTV is as important to them, as they are to it." He returned to Northern Ireland from London for family reasons in 2009, where his dulcet tones have again become a familiar feature on both radio and TV.

Funnily enough, the pair met a music gig in London, got talking about the things they had in common - music, of course - then after a four-year relationship John popped the question last September.

Wedding plans are now at full tilt, but they have yet to set a date. "Roz is very laid back and we have a good set up - we hang out, listen to music, we are into the same things," he says.

John's life has come full circle now that he is back living and working in Northern Ireland and planning a future with his bride-to-be.

While living in south Belfast, he splits his time here with London - a city which he knows so well and which is a hotbed for musical talent. My first love is radio, and my first job was at Downtown Radio which was relatively new when I joined, so it was a great place to be.