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Most large sales organizations are investing millions of dollars in training, coaching and programs to support go-to-market strategies that incorporate solution selling, “challenger selling”, social selling, and multi-channel sales programs.In order to generate a return on these investments, most of them will have to do a better job of generating well organized, searchable, interactive digital content that can be deployed faster than poorly organized paper-based sales materials.Best in class sales organizations are creating cross functional project teams – drawn from sales operations, marketing, training and IT organizations – to set up a centralized sales content “hub’s.The goal of this “hub” is to repackage, reorganize and systematize the delivery of their sales and marketing content to better support solution selling, mobile devices, and sales playbook programs.Now it takes only seconds to merge all of the multiple orders our customers have placed during the day or over the weekend.This not only cut down our paper handling saving us time and tightening up our workflows, but significantly improved our customer service.The goals of these projects include: There are a wide range of sales content delivery platforms or “hubs” that can help efficiently govern and distribute sales content to your sales force, channel partners and customers efficiently.These include: Sales Administration Portals, Sales Playbooks, and Mobile Content Management Systems provide some basic administrative functions that provide the ability to consolidate control and ensure all content is in compliance.

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As a result, you increase user productivity and sales turnover.

Best-in-class organizations are laying the foundation for sales success by reengineering their sales and marketing content supply chain, repackaging their content, and systematizing content compliance, delivery and tracking.

Managing, packaging and organizing sales content is crucial to sales effectiveness because it represents one quarter of sales and marketing spend, and determines the effectiveness of the rest of the sales and marketing mix – including sales training, marketing automation, sales productivity, sales enablement, and social media.

And most sales content is not used by sales people.

To remain competitive many financial organizations are making significant investments in advanced selling systems to improve sales effectiveness and adapt to changes in customer buying behavior.