Consolidating medical school loans

Her loans got transferred from Nel Net to My Fed Loans, which is supposed to handle all PSLF cases.They returned her form with the shocking answer that she had only made 2 payments of the 120 required for PSLF.If you submit the form each year, despite moves between employers or chaos in the loan servicer industry, you will have proof that you made each payment.This is especially important with a loan servicer .If that’s the case, then you should consider filing taxes separately.That way, the monthly payment is based on only your income instead of your spouse’s income too.Nowadays, the default advice for graduating students in medical school financial aid offices is to consolidate their outstanding student loans with the federal government when they become residents.

Don’t hire a company to help you with your student loans unless they’re capable of modeling your debt to analyze different payoff strategies.

That way, all your debt will be eligible for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, and each year of residency counts towards the 10 years of payments needed in the program to reach tax free loan forgiveness.

If you fail to consolidate until the end of residency, you might have missed the boat on the most generous loophole in existence for doctors today.

This answer is totally wrong and an example of extreme incompetence.

She had made at least three years’ worth of payments during fellowship because she consolidated everything into a direct consolidation loan at the end of residency.

Consolidating medical school loans