Consolidating manufacturing plants

Certain foreign phytosanitary import requirements stipulate the types of auditors eligible to oversee certain export commodities (see Appendix 1 for details).

Facility level audits will be conducted by Heat Treatment requirements.

A Approved Third Party Auditor will conduct an initial evaluation, or system audit, of the facility before registration to ensure that the facility has documented systems to comply with treatment and production requirements.

A surveillance audit is a routine monitoring and verification of facility activities to ensure consistent conformance to the phytosanitary management system in place.

The certificate attests that the wood products have been heat treated in accordance with foreign phytosanitary import requirements for those countries which accept industry-issued Heat Treatment Certificates.

Please see Appendix 1 for information on the different types of export and domestic Heat Treatment Certificates.

Where countries require Phytosanitary Certificates to accompany shipments of heat treated wood products, an exporter who is registered in the 's Technical Heat Treatment Guidelines and Operating Conditions Manual (referred to as PI-07).

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Export shipments of heat treated wood products (excluding wood packaging material) may be required by the importing country to be certified by way of: in accordance with the instructions provided on the certificate.This Directive sets out the certification program in place within Canada for the production of heat treated wood products, including wood packaging material, subjected to a minimum temperature of 56° Program for the production of heat treated wood products (including wood packaging material) to meet foreign phytosanitary import requirements, and for use by custom brokers, freight forwarders, exporters, Recognized Heat Treatment Evaluators, The Canadian Lumber Standards Accreditation Board (CLSAB) and their Accredited Agencies, 's Plant Protection Act and Regulations requires anything exported from Canada to comply with the importing country's phytosanitary import requirements.Additionally, materials moving in-transit through another country prior to reaching their final destination are required to meet the phytosanitary import requirements of the in-transit country.A system audit is a review of the phytosanitary management system operating at a facility approved for the program.It includes the review and approval of the facility manual and an audit of the processes used by the facility to meet the requirements of program.