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Producers booked Katheryn Golden, center, and another "First Dates" participant, Anip, left, for a taping of "The Steve Harvey Show" that will air today (3 p.m. Golden says the comedian/talk-show host quizzed her and Anip about their dates and was "hilarious" in his advice. › “First Dates” will air tonight at 8 on NBC (Comcast channel 4, EPBFI channel 3 in Chattanooga).› See contestant Katheryn Golden on “The Steve Harvey Show” today at 3 on ABC (Comcast channel 10, EPBFI channel 9) in Chattanooga.

Tune in to the premiere of "First Dates" tonight, and you'll find two Chattanooga contestants among the men and women looking for love on the new NBC reality series. "I'm the fuzzy one," says Richard Dubé, referencing the bushy hair and beard he had at the time.

With Dubé, it's a touching exchange between him and his dinner date, Jeannette, about the loss of their respective spouses.

A cutaway to Golden shows her date, Woody, proposing a toast: "To being ourselves, to having fun " "To getting married," she finishes, as his eyes widen. Eventually, they would move to Chattanooga, where Richard would take a job directing the old News Channel 9 Science Theater.

Producers booked her and another participant, Anip, for a taping that will air today (3 p.m. Anip's evening flopped when he told his potential paramour that he still lives with his parents."The cameras are hidden so they kind of forget about that," De Generes explains in the promo. Update Comcast’s Xfinity Home Security System is vulnerable to attacks that interfere with its ability to detect and alert to home intrusions.It's another to have it go so badly that you appear on "The Steve Harvey Show" as a cautionary tale.Golden says meeting Steve Harvey has actually been the highlight of her "First Dates" experience.