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The cover features a blurb from James Patterson (a frequent guest-star on the series) praising "Castle's" latest effort.The book is dedicated to "the extraordinary KB" and all of Castle's friends "at the 12th".In fact, the only reason I ever wondered if I may have been mistaken is that the solution seemed so painfully obvious, I questioned if maybe the book would throw an unexpected twist at me towards the end.Sadly the ending held no surprises (and didn't come soon enough, for that matter).Now, since it's alluded to that this book was really written by two of the TV show's head writers, I can give them some leeway in regards to the above complaints.After all, television writers aren't accustomed to telling a story through third-person narration, they mostly use dialogue and action to move things along.After reading "Heat Wave", I'm not surprised bookstores don't seem to be in any danger of selling out all their copies...At first glance, I thought I was in for a fun ride.

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And while plenty of people may have wanted Starr dead, since he himself wasn't one of them, the authorities know they have a homicide on their hands.So the NYPD does what they always do when they need to catch a murderer..turn up the Heat!As detective Nikki Heat investigates Starr's murder, she finds herself being trailed by dangerous opponents, professional killers, and worst of all, annoying tag-along reporter Jameson Rook!Castle's mother Martha has a hysterical cameo as Margaret's too bad her appearance was so short, as she was the only one who really lived up to her television counterpart.And then there's Chapter Ten...hardcore fans of "Castle" already know what I'm talking about!