Christian dating sleeping over sex dating in gwynedd valley pennsylvania

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)My definition of a strong Christian isn't a bible memorizer. A strong Christian is someone who walks with the Lord daily and consults them in every issue in their life.

There's no such thing as a "strong" Christian who isn't a "Bible memorizer". I'm a strong Christian but I don't really read the Word'. Hypothetically speaking, we already know the answer ;) ...hypothetically, wouldn't a strong Christian couple...

Strong Christians know their Bible, that is why they're strong. I don't see how talking about vices lifts one another up - edifies the body of Christ, but they definitely don't do so outside of God's word. The truth of the matter is that regardless of you having a bad mood, as a fellow Christian (regardless of the ambiguous adjective "strong") shouldn't you respect other Christians or other human beings for that matter? I assure you, I haven't violated the sacredness of your humanity. Just curious...seeing as this was my very first post and day on this message board. If you have a problem with any of my posts there's a white and red triangle on the top right of each post, you can use that to report the post to the rest of the staff if you wish.

" Have you "Stopped at the bar, walked in the door, climbed up on the barstool, gotten the bartender's attention, ordered the drink?

I am a college sophomore dating a strong Christian man whom I love whole heartedly.

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But here's my question, is sleeping together fully clothed and just cuddling acceptable?

We are both completely committed to save ourselves til marriage. If we get tempted, we talk openly about it and I think we have a good handle on things.

In a case such as my own hypothetically, wouldn't a strong Christian couple be able to fall asleep in each other's company or no?