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We went when the waves were rough so the snorkeling was a little tough and we had a couple of people in our group vomiting from all the motion sickness.

Overall, it was fun, just wish the wave conditions were a little better. It started off by being charged an additional 12 for a wristband to get drinks during lunch.

Many of our tours and activities are available in multiple languages.

"Guide" means your guide speaks the language noted.

The open bar advertised is only on the boat and only after you have done the snorkeling.

It's about 1.5-2 hours of an open bar on the boat total.

People were relatively conservative and chill, just some dancing going on but nothing crazier than that. Once you check in at the hotel location, they try and sell you an upgraded package for alcohol when you get to the beach. It is about 45 minutes or so before you get to go on your boat.

The staff work hard, frequently refreshing the drinks, and at one point a staff member dressed up in a pirate costume and went around pouring shots into peoples mouths. There are several other tours that go out of the same marina, so they have to load one boat at a time.

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Sail on the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, stop to snorkel at a reef abundant with marine life, and enjoy free time to shop and swim on the beautiful Isla Mujeres. My boyfriend and I enjoyed ourselfs the crew members definitely made sure we had plenty of drinks.

Boat was going one way, current another, so you were banging into the person next to you and the water was choppy.

I didn't see a lot of fishes and the things underwater Museum, volkswagon etc. Too many people to really enjoy and I could smell gasoline from all the boats around, which made me feel even more nauseous.

However, they either overbooked our tour or did not prepare well because there were not enough goggles and life jackets for everyone.

Our time was reduced for the snorkeling because we needed to separate into two groups for snorkeling.