Chemical plants consolidating

Activities towards an ideal refinery The refinery authorised a phased plan towards an ideal refinery to meet the demographic challenges presented by knowledgeable veterans retiring and their places being taken by less experienced personnel, with a target date of 2013 (see Figure 1).

In Phase 1, the consolidation of control rooms and the migration of the production control system were scheduled to be completed in June 2009.

High levels of technical skills are required to keep it going in operations & maintenance. ELIGIBILITY : ME / BE / DIPLOMA (EEE, EIE, ECE, MECH & CHEM) .... Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) uses computer codes to model and evaluate fuel behavior, reactor kinetics, thermal-hydraulic conditions, severe accident progression, time-dependent dose for design-basis accidents, emergency preparedness and response, health effects, and radionuclide transport, during various operating and postulated accident conditions.Code development is directed toward improving the realism and reliability of code results and making the codes easier to use.For information regarding RAMP codes or how to join, please visit the RAMP website.Eric Jan Kwekkeboom Yokogawa Europe & Africa The consolidation of control rooms was conducted in several refineries in the 1990s and early 2000s as a means of reducing the number of operators and improving efficiency for enhanced competitiveness.