Chauvet cave dating controversy

Carbon dating efforts made in the early 1990s, soon after the cave was discovered, suggesting an origin of 30,000-32,000 years ago, remain the subject of controversy.In 2012 Decoded Science spoke to a world expert on the dating of early cave art, Dr.The Lion Panel—a panorama composed of eight images.Later Paleolithic art mostly depicted herbivores, but Chauvet’s artists often featured fierce predators.

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Nonetheless French experts claim that the style of bear’s head drawn on the cave walls is consistent with genetic specificity discovered by the research.

World Heritage designation should shield the caves from the damage caused by human presence.

But even more interesting, they discovered that several parts of the cave had been used in different ways by artists.

Scientists managed to identify hundreds of painted animals, depicting at least 13 different species, some of which were never found in other drawings.