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Around him, paraphernalia like gold-plated roofs and thrones are nowhere to be found. But make no mistake: Many lamas like myself, who make the loudest noises, display the most jarring images, and travel every inch and corner of the world, have achieved next to nothing compared to this man who appears never to have done anything except for keeping his meditation mat from ever getting cold.

And if he did manifest in action, this is the man who spent 99.99% of what he had rescuing the lives of animals.

In his late 20s the Dalai Lama’s then regent Reting Rinpoche, a master of the Gelug tradition, requested Dzogchen teachings from him: Dzogchen lies at the very pinnacle of the teachings of the Nyingma tradition.

It is said that Chatral Rinpoche had to be smuggled into and out of the Potala Palace in disguise in order to transmit these teachings to the regent, for fear of his being assasinated by Shugden devotees.

Reting was later to die under mysterious circumstances in a jail beneath the Potala.

Zimey, author of the, and his teacher Trijang Rinpoche attributed his agonizing death to the ‘enlightened’ activity of their preferred deity, Dolgyal Shugden.

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