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i OS apps exist in millions out there, and most of them communicate with servers to exchange data.In their majority, the server implements and provides RESTful APIs that apps can use for the communication.This will open a popup window were you are able to purchase token packs.Various payment methods are supported like: Paypal, Credit card (Visa/Mastercard/...), Wire transfer, …. Just click ‘start private show’ in the chatroom, this will give you a summary of how many tokens this private show will cost you.

That happens several times during the app runtime period. What if, for example, an app should show some sort of a news feed that needs to be updated all the time?Most importantly, when a message is sent to that port by a server, the recipient clients will instantly receive it, so they can take any further actions (like updating a news feed for example) immediately.: Keep in mind that from now on I’ll mostly use the term “socket(s)” instead of “websocket(s)” just for simplicity.Thankfully, there’s a better solution when it’s necessary to receive data from a server instantly (every time such data becomes available), and without having the app to send any request to the server at all.That solution is based on making use of websockets, and it totally erases the couple aforementioned issues.