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Squidward thanks him and he becomes Patrick's new friend, inviting him into his house to watch him practice his clarinet composition called "Solitude in E Minor".

Patrick witnesses this and saves his life by performing CPR on him (which is basically blowing him up and as the air comes out, the fork can be seen spluttering in between his lips).

Muscle Bob Buff Pants / Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost12.

When they arrive, they are still mad at each other. However, they create so many bubbles from laughing that it causes Squidward's house to explode. Sponge Bob then hiccups a small bubble that makes a burping sound upon popping, which amuses them both and they become friends again. Meanwhile, a lonely Sponge Bob tries to cheer himself up by drawing faces on three of his fingers and pretending they are his "friends", but this doesn't work. But despite Patrick claiming to love music, he immediately falls asleep as soon as Squidward plays a single note.