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That is their dream and the dating sites tell them that the dream will never be realized if they are not exposed to a society (western) that can give them a better life. You have groups within the affiliated dating service group, that is filled with nothing but scammers.I am SURE that the leader of these groups ASK to be paid for each women they get to sign up.Firstly some of the services are not free, I guess it's for better quality.Secondly I do meet cool people here and they are more like looking for something steady, not like hook up you know.

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Charm is full of single men and women like you looking for dates, lovers, friendship, and fun.If one wants to question this then simply try this . The letters were very compelling with a strong , loving future. Doubt is allowed for some women actually looking for men for a real relationship ... Actually, I love my social circles.i like meeting awesome ladies that have the bodies to wow my mind. The few girls I've spoken with have been easy to track down through Instagram or FB. Several have lived in Russia, although they claim to be Ukrainian. Dating could be really tasking but charm date has made it easier for me. I saw it several time on Facebook before I signing up.I think i am attracted by the pictures,and so far,charmdate has given me more reasons to meet the cutest shawties there are. Another (maybe two) had pics with her boyfriend, on a trip they took the week before. Didn't know it's this different from other sites until I joined.In over two years, and after spending a couple of thousand dollars, I have not succeeded in successfully exchanging details with a single lady. Either the phone doesn't work, the internet is broken, she has to visit her auntie .... First of all, Charmdate is merely one of three (3) interemediaries and the girls PAY to go through a valid, reputable profiling service to build their profiles and photo portfolios. Their contracts with the actual agencies the girls utilize is for THEIR protection! The site is controlled by Bots and works on an algorithm not real people.Eastern Europe is a haven for many human and sex traffickers, and many of these girls have, in one way or another, been affected by it. Also I know from experience you need ten letters not just from you but Both parties, before you can ask for a direct contact.