Celebrities dating black women

Keith Sweat, African American, is an American R&B/soul, singer-songwriter, record producer, radio personality and an innovator of New Jack Swing.From 1992 to 2002, he was married to Lisa Wu, Chinese and African American, who is now a reality TV personality, and they have two sons together.This led to Clarence deciding to patriate to China (along with 21 other American POWs) at the end of the war, rather than return to the racism and unequal treatment he knew in Memphis, TN.Clarence lived a wonderful life in China where he met and married his wife, Liu Linfeng in 1957.In the US, Chinese are the largest Asian group at 24% of all US Asians, however Chinese only make up 7% of all Asian and Black married couples, so they are definitely under-represented in Blasian couples.

See more at the prior posts, The Profoundness of James Boggs and Grace Lee Boggs, and Historical View of Asian and Black Couples.Tommy Chong, Chinese-Canadian & French/Irish, is a Canadian comedian, actor, writer, director, activist, and musician who is well known for his marijuana-themed Cheech & Chong comedy albums and movies with Cheech Marin.He was married to his first wife, Maxine Sneed, African Canadian and Cherokee, from 1960 to 1970 and they have two daughters together, one of whom is Rae Dawn Chong, a popular actress in her own right.A trailblazing Black and Asian couple, James Boggs, an African American political activist, auto worker and author was married for 40 years from 1953 until his death in 1993 to Grace Lee Boggs, a Chinese American author, social activist, philosopher, and feminist.Both of them wrote several important works in political activism and Mrs.