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You don’t have to be ashamed or keep it to yourself and you can still have a fun, crazy, successful life and be a sexual being and a great mum. I’ve seen some people say ‘Oh the film is manipulative’ – but if you’re making a movie about someone with cancer how can it not be emotional?” Nor that Hardwicke herself has often been allowed to let emotion get the better of her.

People gave him a round of applause and said he’s so sensitive…On that film I never went over budget, never went over schedule, never fired people or yelled at people, nothing.But I get told that I’m emotional and difficult and cried on sets.” She laughs.“I thought there would be maybe an office or the chance to develop new projects. She’s forthright, formidable and often funny, honest about the career she might have had were she a man, and yet still enthusiastic about the movies she does make, the most recent, Miss You Already, opened in UK cinemas yesterday.Then when I got to Summit there were all these balloons and congratulation signs everywhere and I couldn’t help thinking, wow I’ve heard sometimes they give people cars when a movie has gone well. Miss You Already seems an odd choice for Hardwicke.