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El juego también ofrece un mayor énfasis en la narración, con el primer modo de historia cinematográfica de la serie.La trama sigue a los héroes de los universos Marvel y Capcom, que deben trabajar juntos para salvar sus mundos fusionados contra una nueva amenaza, Ultron Sigma.These are the same gems that you’ve been watching Thor and Iron Man fret over on the big screen for the past decade.You can choose from six of them, and each one represents a different kind of power.

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Using these abilities also helps charge up a new meter.

This means no Wolverine, Deadpool, and a bunch of other iconic heroes. But Infinite’s corny-but-fun campaign mode and solid fighting action try to make up for those shortcomings. It’s not as easy as it sounds, since you have to learn to mix in new moves or cancel the combo into super attacks if you want to optimize your damage.

But it does mean that it’s easier for even a novice player to punish you if you miss an attack or aren’t blocking properly.

When it’s at least half full, you can activate an Infinity Surge.

You’ll then have some special benefits until that meter depletes.