Calgary dating scene

I enjoy reading Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels mostly but I read some romance too and tons of non-fiction. I'm fairly new to this site, but have been "out"since I was in my teens. Not bicurious, not looking for something my husband can watch. We are monogomish/open, and both are open to having relationships with others. Half of my relationships in my life have been with women, but I ended up marrying a ( fantastic, open minded, loving) man.I have a few sides that I won’t go into unless asked about them like all my sexual kinks. I believe in being completely honest, and am not into Games. Here's the thing - I'm really not into hookup sites. 33f, located in Calgary, but I spend a lot of time in the mountains, as I run my own business. Hi Im Single, Athletic, honest, sincere, loyal, cuddly and love life.We are looking to expand our sex life and have a very kinky fun night. I like personalities, so come as you are or dont come at all, okay? If you're looking for a goofy, loving girlfriend, you found me, haha. To any of these questions or if you've tried other methods of meeting someone and have not been successful, then perhaps you should call us.I'm known to have little to no filter to do so, unless required.By day a professional (in a still to this day man driven industry)and by night, weekends, and well most available free time a personal/group/crossfit trainer for a local studio. Anything fast and in wheel sense I'll drive it and well.The vast majority of the transactions involve no legal wrongdoing.

Feel completely free to ask about it, I’m open to any and all questions you may possibly have (honestly). Then there is my nerdy side that’s into video games, collecting certain things, photography and anime.

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On my spare time I like to build Harley's, cars, and tucks. I believe in whatever energy you throw out into the universe you get back. If you're not ready for a commitment, stop reading.

I always put both feet in with whatever is presented to me or wanted. It will probably bore you anyway :) I consider myself a catch and have finally taken the time to figure out what I'm looking for In a partner.