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Michael Clofine of Digital Ignition Entertainment is executive producing.

And [indicates Arielle]what she brought to this movie. CLJ: I feel like with smaller productions there’s more of an opportunity to get away with things that a union might not get away with. CLJ: Something like thatjust moments, and some ended up in the movie and some didn’t, but that gave me a sense of who this character was.That gives you a freedom and it also gives you, what’s the word, it puts a web around you at the same time. But I didn’t take it very seriously at first because I didn’t know anything about them, but my agent told me that they were very, very talented, and to do it. Then after speaking with Josh on the phone, it seemed like I had to do it, and you’d be stupid not to, because it meant getting to do things that you might never be allowed to do again.You’ve got more restrictions because of lack of money. And it’s true, and we did a whole lot of things you don’t get to do normally.But in that way it’s very freeing and because it’s independent there’s not so much pressure on making 200 million dollars and so you can breathe and it can take on a life of its own. Arielle, did you have much say over the casting of the Ilya character being as he is a real person and really a part of your life?Well, Josh showed me two pictures: one of [Caleb] and one of this other kid.