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For example you can check the length of the credit card number, or the prefix (the first few digits).There are tables on the internet that can even match those characteristics to specific types of credit cards.If the result is divisible by 10 (meaning result mod 10 equals 0), then the credit card is valid.There are additional factors that can be checked to verify a credit card number in C#.I wrote a piece last month explaining how the payment card industry works.I talked about the various actors (acquirers, issuers, schemes, merchants, etc) and pointed out how weird it is that everybody knows the Mastercard and Visa brand names yet nobody actually has a relationship with them.

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However the algorithm does work for many, if not most, major credit cards.I use company names below for clarity but I have no private insight or information into their fee structures The Scenario Let’s imagine I’m using a Visa Debit card, issued by a US bank (let’s say Bank of America) to buy 0 of goods from an online retailer. From my perspective, of course, it’s obvious: I’m paying 0!The Merchant’s Perspective: The Merchant Discount Fee What does the merchant see? Costco have a page on their website that refers small merchants to Elavon for acquiring services. Interchange is the fee that gets paid to whoever straightforward…[Edit 2013-08-10 : it’s also worth noting that the acquirers and schemes have pretty much fixed-cost infrastructures – unlike issuers, who need to hire customer service and debt collection staff in proportion to number of cards issued.So the schemes and acquirers also benefit disproportionately from rising volumes. but HUGE volume is what enables them to make big profits] [Note: I use blog posts like this to help clarify my own thinking and understanding – as well as to share knowledge…