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"I couldn't be there, and I didn't want to be there," he admits. In January of this year, he was pronounced hep C-free."My liver wasn't in as bad a shape as many people's, but it's still scarred." In 1998, Crooks talked about his battle with hep C to Chronicle writer Greg Beets (see "The Growing Chorus," August 21, 1998).Anti-HBs titres would be checked every two weeks and the patient would be given another intra-dermal injection up to a total of 5 intradermal injections of the 40µg concentration of the HBV vaccine.

The price tag for the same 12-week treatment course in 2015 was US7,000.

At that time an anti-HBs titre test would be drawn to check for immunity.

If there was not adequate immunity, a third-intra-dermal dose of the vaccine would be given two weeks later.

The wastebasket filled with antacids, Pepto-Bismol, and Alka-Seltzer packages and bottles, his attempt to self-medicate against the pain and discomfort. Neither his work in seminal Austin bands like the Big Boys nor his beloved artwork bought him health insurance, and the cost of treatment was prohibitive. He may have suffered terribly in those final hours. When he had vomited up everything possible, he pulled himself to his feet and staggered toward his bedroom.

Had a liver biopsy and was told he needed a liver transplant.