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For information concerning the relationship between statutes and Public Acts, refer to the Guide.Because the statute database is maintained primarily for legislative drafting purposes, statutory changes are sometimes included in the statute database before they take effect.Compliance with this Section shall satisfy the signature provisions of Section 1.10 of this Act, which shall otherwise apply.(a) Whenever any instrument authorized to be filed with the Secretary of State under any provision of this Act has been so filed and, as of the date of the action therein referred to, contains any misstatement of fact, typographical error, error of transcription or any other error or defect or was defectively or erroneously executed, such instrument may be corrected by filing, in accordance with Section 1.10 of this Act, a statement of correction.before such filing, except that any right or liability accrued or incurred by reason of the error or defect being corrected shall be extinguished by such filing if the person having such right has not detrimentally relied on the original instrument.(f) A statement of correction may correct the basis, as established by any document required to be filed by this Act, of license fees, taxes, penalty, interest, or other charge paid or payable under this Act.(a) Any domestic corporation or foreign corporation having authority to transact business in this State may petition the Secretary of State for a refund or adjustment of license fee, franchise tax, penalty, or interest claimed to have been erroneously paid or claimed to be payable, subject however to the following limitations:an instrument filed with the Secretary of State which contained a misstatement of fact, typographical error, error of transcription or other error or defect, no refund or adjustment of any license fee, franchise tax, penalty, or interest shall be made unless a statement of correction has been filed in accordance with Section 1.15 of this Act.(c) If the Secretary of State determines that any license fee, franchise tax, penalty, or interest is incorrect, in whole or in part, he or she shall adjust the amount to be paid or shall refund to the corporation any amount paid in excess of the proper amount; provided, however, that no refund shall be made for an amount less than 0 and any refund in excess of that amount shall be reduced by 0, and provided further, that such refund shall be made without payment of interest.Certificates and certified copies of certain documents to be received in evidence.Documents or reports transmitted for filing electronically must include the name of the person making the submission.The inclusion shall constitute the affirmation or acknowledgment of the person, under penalties of perjury, that the instrument is his or her act and deed or the act and deed of the corporation, as the case may be, and that the facts stated therein are true.

A certificate by the Secretary of State under the great seal of the State of Illinois, as to the existence or non-existence of the facts relating to corporations which would not appear from a certified copy of any of the foregoing documents or certificates shall be taken and received in all courts, public offices, and official bodies as prima facie evidence of the existence or non-existence of the facts therein stated.(a) The Secretary of State shall publish each year a list of corporations filing an annual report for the preceding year in accordance with the provisions of this Act, which report shall state the name of the corporation and the respective names and addresses of the president, secretary, and registered agent thereof and the address of the registered office in this State of each such corporation.

The daily list shall contain the same information as to each corporation as is provided for the corporation list published under subsection (a) of this Section.

The daily list may be obtained at the Secretary's office by any person, newspaper, State department or agency, or local government for a reasonable charge to be determined by the Secretary.

The Secretary of State need not file any document to which such interrogatories relate until such interrogatories be answered as herein provided, and not then if the answers thereto disclose that such document is not in conformity with the provisions of this Act.

The Secretary of State shall certify to the Attorney General, for such action as the Attorney General may deem appropriate, all interrogatories and answers thereto which disclose a violation of any of the provisions of this Act.