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And, despite a 17 year age difference — Nancy, in fact, is only a few years older than Paul's eldest daughter — the couple is said to be well matched.Added the source: "They have the right chemistry...Santino’s ethics reform package — passed with a 4-3 vote — includes an outside income cap, a ban on town board members voting on issues pertaining to their immediate family members, and a measure that would bar employees and candidates convicted of a felony from service.

“This is another form of bullying,” Blakeman added.

The couple was together inside the house for two hours, then Mc Cartney drove away with Arquette hidden in the backseat, the News of the World said.

He drove down the road and pulled up alongside a taxi, which took her back to the home of friends in London.

After a 40-minute stroll, they left separately, but then met up at the car and left together.

The actress gave Mc Cartney a kiss before she was dropped off in central London, the paper said.