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This reader's observation got me thinking about what Boundless is supposed to be.

For the last couple of years, the Boundless website has been a target-rich environment for my criticism.

This is a political post that does not have a clear connection to church, family, young people, or marriage.

I read Boundless for biblical-based viewpoints, not Republican-party-based rants against the liberal media.

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Really, if I wanted to hear the rantings of misguided Republicans, I could read the , not a website supposedly targeted towards single Christians.

Others who come to Christ from a different background and who have little or no use for the Southern-fried, Americanized, suburbanized Churchianity that passes for Christianity in the Anglosphere are not going to have much use for Boundless or similar outfits.

To be blunt, the heavily politicized of Boundless and its parent organization, Focus on the Family, could easily be underwritten by a conservative think tank in Washington (such as the American Enterprise Institute).

If not, how do we, for instance, explain the shameful legacy of overt racism among socially conservative faith traditions? The mission of Boundless is to build strong foundations for marriage, parenting and Christian service by providing young adults with a Biblical vision for the single years rooted in sexual purity, Christian community, and stewardship of gifts and talents.

If there is a "sola cultura" that can be found among conservatives, does it become legitimate simply on the basis of passing lip service given to Biblical authority (Mark 7:6-7)? Granted, I personally of know Christians that embrace some or all of these attitudes.