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Now Dim Data Set1 As New Data Set() ' Dim com As New Ole Db. Ole Db Connection(Conn String) Dim Ole Db Data Adapter1 As System. After inserting the new record, the Drop Down List is not getting the new value even though I am calling Data Bind(), however if I step through it while debugging, it works. Thank Ya'll so much I have been looking for this answer all day now...In fact I just posted the same question on here (yes like a Dumb A$$ before searching the forum first) Cool anyhow thank each of you for your input on this You guys ROCK Hi, I noticed your reply on refreshing a gridview after data inserting and was wondering if you can help me out. I used to populate my gridviews using and I have since changed to using the wizard when you add a Grid View to your project.

tabid=63 On my page I also have a button which hides the gridview and shows a formview that is used for updating and inserting records that are displayed in the gridview.I hope this makes sense, any help greatly appreciated. Do you do it in the method where you display the Grid again after you insert a value with the Form View?If you use a data-source control and call the Grid View's Data Bind method, the Grid View will make a call to the data-source Select method and rebind the new values.After click on submit button, I need to execute a query to get some data from a table in my database (table name is Routes).Then I erase all the data in another table(table name is Test_Routes) and insert new data that I got as a result of the previous query.

Bound datagridview not updating datasource