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I wanted advice on how to hold my marriage together.

What advice did you ask for when you called Bobby's mother?

Next witness is Joe Antonelli, he works at Key Bank and Household Finance as Senior Account Executive. The bank notified Cutts on June 14th that he was approved and he made an appt to sign the papers at noon. Cutts received a few phone calls while he was at the bank.

Cutts told her that Jessie was supposed to bring Blake over and he forgot he had to coach so he was paying Myisha to watch Blake. ) She was aware the Jessie was pregnant again because Jessie had told her.

When Cutts came by they talked and played video games. The interview between Porter and Cutts then took place. Mitchell is asked why he asked Cutts, "Did you do something to that girl? Mitchell was then asked if he remembered being with Cutts one month before Jessie disappeared. He was asked if he remembers his wife saying something.

Mitchell asked Cutts, “Did you do something to that girl”? Mitchell said he contacted Todd Porter (Canton Repository Sports Writer) so that Todd and Bobby could talk to "get Bobby's word out" instead of what other people were saying. Porter had a list of questions that he wanted to ask and Cutts crossed out questions that he didn't want to answer. A matter has been brought to his attention that is going to take some time to resolve. Did you have a discussion with Cutts about Jessie Davis a month before she disappeared?

Iams and Cutts spoke privately and then told them that Cutts and he would be in touch the next morning. He was the one that provided the cell phone records for Jessie’s phone.

He supervised the investigation and worked with the FBI. The also told him that they were moving the search for Jessie to the north. Tim Warstler on the stand, Director of Emergency Management Assistance.