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Viewers were very critical of the raunchy clip, with one commenting: 'It's so sad how little girls turn into these things...if you ever have a daughter, teach her and protect her, don't let your angel turn into these...Researchers looked at the best way to deliver bad news, and found that most people prefer directness, rather than a build-up of small talk.Instead of opening with the break-up, scientists suggest that a simple 'we need to talk' is enough to soften the blow, without adding too much of a buffer.Results showed that for the most part, participants valued clarity and directness over other characteristics.

The pair can be seen getting ready for the tryst, by drinking tequila and listening to music.

Scroll down for video People value directness over an extended and overly polite lead in.

Professor Alan Manning, who led the study, said: 'An immediate 'I'm breaking up with you' might be too direct.'When it comes to receiving negative information about physical facts, such as 'that water is toxic', most people want it straight up, without a lead-in.

'People on the receiving end would much rather get it this way.' Though the buffer in giving bad news is almost always a bad idea, there are cases when it can be valuable.

Professor Manning said: 'People's belief systems are where they're the most touchy.