Bes gal not updating

Users seem to immediately forget this and it seems like a few years go by and they figure out their contacts are old and then proceed to be angry and claim they assumed that the contacts would update themselves.

Some may just be confused since they had a short 2 year stint with Blackberry and a BES server.

For troubleshooting tips about diagnosing and addressing performance issues in Outlook, see How to troubleshoot performance issues in Outlook and Performance tips for deploying Outlook 2007.

By default, when Cached Exchange Mode is enabled in Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2010, shared mail and non-mail folders that users access in other mailboxes, are downloaded and cached in the user's local file.

I've looked at this several times over the years and still haven't found a solution to just forcing our entire GAL to every PDA and then also keep them updated (and yes, many people don't want them all on their PDA but this doesn't seem to sway the admin manager who keeps harping on it).

I don't want the solution to be super complex (such as a secondary party software installed on our Exchange server).

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This new compressed version of the is up to 40% smaller than the size of the files that were created in earlier versions of Outlook.You’ll also find information about the sync slider and the new Outlook compressed data file (.ost) format here.In this article: In Outlook 2013, two new features are available with Cached Exchange Mode: Exchange Fast Access and sync slider.Exchange Fast Access combines the instant-access of Online Mode with the offline capabilities and syncing robustness of Cached Exchange Mode, specifically in scenarios when syncing data locally would take enough time to be noticed by the user (for example, initial sync, resume, or returning from vacation).When you first start Outlook 2013, you will immediately see your most recent email messages and a completely up-to-date calendar.