Beastialty chat room

Fantasies of having sex with unicorns and dragons are spelt out in the same lurid prose as the realistic fantasies of having sex with horses and dogs.

It can be difficult to know where reality ends and fantasy begins.

“An aggressive natured canine may not be the best type of canine to try to tie with.

There is a since [sic] of helplessness and uncertainty, a since of violability that comes with being tied.” While dogs are the most frequently discussed animal, members of Beast Forum lust after a diverse array of creatures. four-legged mammals appear to be the most common fantasy.

Another common theme in the forums are warnings about the about the dangers of pursuing carnal canine relations.

For instance racoolman warns about aggressive natured dogs.

There are multiple sexual activities to choose; choosing a sexual activity that hurts without consent is against the freedom of the creature involved…its stupid, ignorant people like eellover who give us a bad name…

But the graphic descriptions are complete with links to presumably even more graphic imagery are fine.Questions are posed in a disconcertingly matter-of-fact way and are answered in kind.What is remarkable about these websites is how many people seem to be active on them, and the horrific scale of the animal abuse described in such cold terms by posters, including graphic details of animal anatomy.She has either ignored it, used me, or just walked all over me. After 12 amazing years my Doberman was taken from me by age and cancer.After a while, you get tired of having your heart broken. He’s no longer in any pain and I find myself feeling selfish for my tears. It wasnt enough time.” For pet owners who aren’t zoophilically inclined, these declarations of love are extremely upsetting to read.