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During the mid-1980s, the ATR 72 was developed as a stretched variant of the ATR 42, the manufacturer's first regional airliner.

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ATR's senior vice-president for engineering Alessandro Amendola indicated that the elimination of all uses of bleed air was a key aim in the designing of an all-electric architecture as well as improving engine efficiency; the minimising of peak electrical loads was also a stated priority.

During March 2016, a second round of flight trials dedicated the testing of all-electric systems architecture using the demonstrator was completed; analysis is set to continue.

This derivative was principally achieved via the stretching of the fuselage by 4.5 metres (15 ft), along with an increase of the wingspan, the addition of more powerful engines, and expanded fuel capacity by approximately 10 per cent.

On 15 January 1986, the launch of the stretched ATR 72 programme was announced.