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There, tenancies were agricultural, and few tenants (or landlords) were interested in tenancies for a matter of months: If you’re operating a farm, you can’t get much done and make any money in such a short time.In practical terms, it made sense to bind both landlord and tenant to a full year when the tenant-farmer overstayed his initial year and the landlord seemed to accept it.In sum, backdating that fabricates — dating a document prior to the time the act occurred — is wrong; but backdating that memorializes — creating and dating a document after the date the event occurred — is generally OK.Sometimes it’s hard to draw the line, but in your case, it’s pretty clear that the tenants were backdating in order to avoid the consequence (the late fee) that they agreed to when they signed the rental agreement.Your payroll schedule will also need to be adjusted to take into account the Federal Reserve Bank holiday calendar.In the above Friday pay date example, if there is a Thursday holiday, you will need to transmit your paychecks before PM Pacific Time on Tuesday to meet the submission deadline.

You may also be subject to penalty fines and interest for incorrect or late filings and payments, For Quick Books Desktop Payroll Assisted: If there is an unavoidable reason for you to backdate, before doing so, please contact the Quick Books Desktop Assisted Payroll Support team.

Paychecks should be transmitted to Intuit before p.m.

Pacific Time on Wednesday for a Friday paycheck date. Pacific Time deadline on Wednesday or any time on Thursday or later, it's considered a late payroll since there was less than two banking days between the day you transmitted the paycheck and the effective date of the paycheck.

There you will find the Payroll Service Fee: Payroll not sent 2 days in advance.

In both of these cases, the information that you transmit to Intuit will not match the paper check.