Auto updating news script

News content management system This simple to use content management system will allow you to show the headlines and summary on any webpage and link to the full article, all in the same style as your website.

You can add delete and edit news with ease using the administrator suite.

You can now use it with this version of Newsscript." Set-up the script News Script Basic Check your path to perl #!

/usr/bin/perl Full URL of this script my $script_name = ' Change the Full Path (not URL) of your database, this will be created when you first add a record.

Best thing to do is to use tables there to structure your content.Chmod to 755 or 777 and run it after making a backup of your current database.You run the script by just typing the URL to it in your browser address bar, like : all went well, you will see : "Finished !Files you will need: News Script script (download from this website) Dbconvert script (in same zip - only necessary when upgrading) Template for the headlines (instructions on this page) Template for the web pages (instructions on this page) Things you have to do: Follow the instructions below Download the News Script script and make a few changes When you have an existing database, run the database upgrade script Create a link in your webpage Create a 'template' in your own style for the news Create a 'template' in your own style for the headlines Upload the script and webpages Use the administration suite to add, edit or delete news.Site Security Minimum Requirements: Your own website with FTP access Permission to run CGI scripts on your server UNIX web hosting with Perl 5.006001 or greater Give a name for the field that will hold a unique id for each news item : $IDField = 'ID'; Give a start value for this unique id field : $start ID = 1; Tell the script where to find your current database : $databasefile = 'news.txt';" Save the script in unix format (see FAQ) and upload it to your server.