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The Franki Committee recommended, amongst others, the adoption of a statutory licensing scheme.When commencing its review the Committee stated that the primary purpose of copyright law was: "..give to the author of a creative work his just reward for the benefit he has bestowed on the community and also to encourage the making of further creative works.

The British Statute of Anne 1709, which awarded copyright protection to books, acted as a blueprint for the extension of copyright to new types of subject matter in the 18th and 19th Century.

Historically, Australian copyright law followed British copyright law, but now also reflects international standards found in the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, other International copyright agreements and multilateral treaties, and more recently, the U. Australian copyright law has historically been influenced by British copyright law and International copyright agreements.

In turn Australian copyright law has influenced copyright law in Britain and the Commonwealth.

The CLRC also published reports on specific areas of copyright, including Highways to Change: Copyright in the New Communications Environment: report by the Copyright Convergence Group on technological advancement and the ability of legislation to cope with change (1994), Stopping the Rip-Offs: intellectual Property Protection for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples (1994), the Simpson Report 1995, long title Review of Australian Copyright Collecting Societies, the Bently and Sherman Report 1995, long title Performers' Rights: Options for Reform, the Janke Report 1999, long title Our Culture, Our Future, and the Ergas Report 2000, long title Report on Intellectual Property legislation under Competition Principles Agreement.

The Copyright Amendment Act 2006 made changes required by the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement.