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You can also ask the bot open-ended questions related to Technology and it will promptly give you an answer.

In terms of mechanics, the Tech Crunch bot has a pretty straightforward content distribution conversational flow, which can mean two things (probably both):by Ankur Jain and Pallavi Singh Instalocate is a chatbot for Facebook Messenger that gives you a worry-free travel experience.

For more info and featured botmakers, please follow Bot Watch (https://

From January 9 to January 18 people from 65 countries voted 5,646 times to select the best chatbots in each of these categories: Travel, Productivity, Social, Commerce, Entertainment, and News.

It was Christmas time and at that moment many people already left their offices and started celebrating the holidays.”To make sure all angles were being considered, we decided to ask industry experts for the best bot experiences they had seen in 2016.

We received almost 100 bot submissions for the following categories: Travel, Productivity, Social, Entertainment, E-commerce, and News.

Earlier in 2016, Alex had founded Chat Bottle, a pretty comprehensive repository of bots, with thousands of chatbots organized by category and by channel in which they are available — so we had all the data needed to support the awards.

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This is my personal top 100 for people to watch in the bot space. Creators: Please note, I made this list out of my personal preferences.The chatbot asks users about their fashion taste and replies back with product suggestions. The project started on April 2015 with a human-backed service but the team soon we learnt that humans don’t scale. Half a year ago the chat Shopper team put lots of efforts into training its NLP engine — now the bot understands up to 80% of users’ queries. But after pitching the idea to our friends we decided to postpone the launch.Thanks Stefan Kojouharov and Fabricio Teixeira for the advice.