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That’s me chewing on a mango in my tiny kitchen preparing for a meal at Synergy Farm (a farm on an island! I’m actually in my kitchen right now on my lunch break, looking out at the barn and the carrots in the north garden, munching on a quesadilla with beet greens and feeling amazed all over again at how I ended up here, on a farm, writing to all of you wonderful readers!

I’ve been here since late March, just after my 24th birthday.

Though I’m open to all kinds of cuisines, I hold a special place in my heart for a good plate of chili crab or chicken satay.

When I was small, my family made many trips to my grandparents’ house back in Singapore.

This is what a hawker center looks like — like a mall food court, only with mee goreng and peanut soup instead of Sbarro!I’m sure by looking at this photo you know what I mean. To make beautiful, sepia-colored paper for art projects (like cards and tags), soak sheets of plain white card stock in a casserole tray filled with warm, brewed coffee.You may also wish to sprinkle sheets with the coffee grounds (to be dusted off later), leaving dark sprinkles of color.Once dry, paper can go through a computer printer or be stamped. - Present your small canvas paintings in style without buying frames.