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This knife is one I picked up from his table and is an excellent example of his work. Now, firmly established as one of America's premier makers, he is renowned for his no-nonsense style of working knives and his mastering of D2 tool steel to get the absolutely best performance from it (he is known as Dr. The Wilderness is designed, with input from Steven Dick - a chap who I greatly respect - to be the one knife that could 'do it all' in a backcountry camping trip. Another popular model by Alan, designed by him as a 'camping' knife when he used to do a lot of canoeing. ) then it may well be this model - if fact, I have a gorgeous version in damasteel/ivory which sees a lot of use. What may not be so well known is that Chris has now discontinued the whole range of 'one piece' knives and as such, these will become more collectable - particularly mint examples like this. A rare chance to own a superb hand forged Fighter/Utility by Mastersmith Charles Ochs, a guy who has been around a while and earned himself an enviable reputation as a Top Maker specialising in 52100 'ball bearing' steel (and damascus).Made from N690 stainless steel with black G10 ( and green liners) this will not disappoint ! Complete with a very well made Kydex sheath, also made by Dawid. Bob Dozier can truly be called a Legend in the knifemaking world, having been involved since the very early days (working with A. This model is much sought after in the States, partly due to Bob's 3 year waiting list ! This particular knife is amazingly light in the hand due to a 4" flat ground blade, in 3mm random pattern Damasteel and the spectacular Wild Olive wood handle, set off by blue liners and n/silver fittings. This is the non-serrated Project 1 version, complete with sheath, paperwork and box (which has a few 'creases' but no rips). Charles has also worked very closely with the US Navy Seals & Special Forces and his "Special Ops Bowie" is a very desirable knife (he also makes a more basic, simpler, more affordable version to cope with the demand for this model). This is the first time I have had one of Alan's Expedition models to sell - and I am impressed !As a collector piece (or user) it will not disappoint ! Oal: 8 1/4" A superb example of this now discontinued 1980's "SERE", complete with the USA Special Forces (Green Berets) motto on the guard.Designed by the late great Al Mar who, after working as Head Designer for Gerber, left and set up his own company.It also came with an option for a special plastic scabbard for fitting inside the car for "an emergency: to smash windows, to cut open the roof, to release oneself in case of accident or fire or in deep water". This is only the second time I have had one of these cracking little knives to sell. This is the larger bladed version with an 8" blade and with the inscription in Gold lettering !

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Very much like the WH, it was intended for use as a general camp knife for picnics, etc.

It's been a great year and I'm already looking forward to offering more quality knives in 2017.

Amatsu Tatara is the highest and oldest scroll of martial arts and Shinto spirit, dating back to 700BC.

The Genbukan World Ninpo Bugei Federation and Kokusai Jujutsu Renmei are teaching this traditional system from beginner to master level.

Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura has dedicated his life to mastering the many forms of Kobudo (ancient martial arts).