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I wanted to go a little further with that concept and create noises and beauty with feedback, delay, loops, and the occasional vocal. That’s because I never really know the question I’m asking myself.I wanted to create these sounds that evoked longing and sadness, but never being morose. I love the stuff Cliff Martinez does for his film scores. This is as close to writing from my subconscious as I think I could ever come to. I’m not an artist in the paint and canvas style, but I feel this sort of musical creation is as close as I can get to a paintbrush in my hand and a blank canvas in front of me. Even with a beautiful two minute pop song there’s an agenda. You know you want a minor key change in the chorus and you want to pull on the listener’s heartstrings somehow. But with these songs I’ve been creating as dream district, the song can go anywhere. I let it write itself and I simply follow along and help color it in a bit.As they prepare to tour for their collaborative album, Love This Giant, David Byrne and Annie Clark remind you that to be that cool, you definitely have to be a little crazy.And, for these two, you have to be able to dance — or at least stretch.We will be accepting both feature length submissions and short films again this year. Bjork Bjork is Icelandic singer-songwriter, and lead singer of the late 80s alt-rock band, The Sugarcubes.

Since late last year I’ve been going down into my studio on Sunday mornings and improvising these little experimental guitar soundscapes.Vincent's latest self-titled album is a glaring and unapologetic examination of the modern psyche that is executed with technical virtuosity, creative vision, poetic candor, and light-hearted fun! Vincent moniker is a bold, constantly-evolving, ever-surprising character.In just the past five years, both of her albums—2007's generally reserved Marry Me, 2009's beautifully feisty Actor—have spawned awe, mystery, inspiration, and above all else, probed the nagging question: what will she do next? Brianna Deihl] (2012 Best Narrative Film) GO GANGES! Ben Gottfried] (2012 Audience Favorite) The St Cloud Film Fest is a year-long effort to educate, encourage, and develop a community of people who want to get involved with local filmmaking and movies.We provide a variety of opportunities for artists to present their work and bring independent cinema to the public.