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Maria's father says that the sheer tensile strength of her personality makes submission most unlikely.

But he doesn't know what I know about growing up female.

Tinder has been awarded as the ‘World’s hottest app’ by the Time Magazine.

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Well, you should move slightly away from your normal life and make your Smartphone or rather ‘Play store’ a bit handier. In this modern era of technology, it is undeniable that internet can do some pretty awesome things.

So, why not trying to find a partner using that technology?

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Not long ago I was talking to a class of third graders. It is unknown what clothing she is wearing, but she may have a red Hall High School gym bag.In the summer of '68 I was expelled from convent school.What passes for a good girl makes for a very poor columnist. I admire her enormously, an odd thing to say about someone who is just a shade taller than a yardstick.Tomorrow is Maria's fifth birthday, and she, too, is outspoken, adventurous, curious, sure of herself, so pleased to be in her own skin that she sometimes seems to wriggle with the sheer joy of it. But she is my daughter, and so my admiration is not entirely uncomplicated.