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Jefferson asks Hamilton to pass along greetings to Angelica, then in England, “since you’re so interested in foreign affairs…” The final musical, however, likely comes very close to the historical reality: Angelica and Alexander were dear friends and may well have been in love.

He wrote to her in 1787 that “I seldom write to a lady without fancying the relation of lover and mistress,” which was not standard fare in letters between friends or siblings.Miranda does take some license, however: we never meet Angelica’s British husband, John Barker Church, nor does her elopement with him in 1777 come up.She was married, to a man both rich and dull, when she first met Hamilton.According to reports, Alonzo and Cruz's relationship turned reel to real while filming their reunion Star Cinema movie "A Second Chance," the sequel to their hit 2007 film "One More Chance". #Team Clingy FTW #happybirthdayjohnlloydcruz ?????? @Regrann from @beajlcruz_labnest - Omgeddd paano kumalma ???????????? As of this posting, Cruz has remained silent on his romantic relationship while there are no words on Panganiban and Salvador's dating life. Alonzo, on the other hand, is dating Gerald Anderson, the ex-boyfriend of Salvador.