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But when she thought about the alternative, about going back to the Amish lifestyle and giving up her freedom and education, she knew in her gut she had made the right decision, she said.Gingerich started a blog, Runaway Amish Girl, and discovered writing down her thoughts and experiences was therapeutic for her.

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And she spoke very little English – mostly Pennsylvania German.It also seemed to resonate with others, some who also want to leave the Amish and some who just have been inspired by her story.“I feel good about myself when I can share my story and motivate other people, give other people hope,” she said.It was okay being Amish, she said, until it wasn’t – until she finished her schooling at age 14 and spent her days at home, weaving baskets and watching her younger brothers and sisters.One day, she said, “all of a sudden something changed, and I just didn’t feel like I belonged there anymore.