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I joined this web site because I really appreciate what In Search of Me Cafe is trying to do.

When I was faced with tough choices I never really had a lot of people to talk to.

The secret is to be assertive without becoming preachy or self-righteous.

Stand your ground but refrain from standing on a soap box.

You might make a really good point about something, then see what others think about it as well.

It’s getting involved, and sharing ideas about all kinds of subjects.” Hi I'm Adam.

Remember, peer pressure can only win if you let it.

You may get a bit of teasing at first but most people respect the boundaries of others when they know what they are. Making other people feel bad or sad is a terrible way to try to fit in.

When peer pressure rears its ugly head try to focus on how you feel about what is happening rather than getting caught up in the crowd. Some people may not like it when you go against the group but doing the right thing is rewarding.

Peer pressure only works if you let it, if you refuse to let it intimidate you it loses its power.

If there is a problem, I am the first person anyone calls.

I may be nice but, if someone hurts anyone I know (whether I like ya or not) they are in trouble… They call me “the haha queen” because I can make any situation funny.