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If you have a relative who won't get help, consider attending a two-hour webinar by Mark Komrad M.

D., the author of "You Need Help: A Step-By Step-Plan to Convince a Loved One to Get Counseling," sponsored by the Personality Disorders Awareness Network.

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A Facebook friend who writes a colum about technology for seniors (oh my God I now fit into that category) asked, "I'm writing a column about smartphones and why everyone should have them.

Because they may be envious of, and threatened by, their child's growing independence, they may give their child a stream of constant criticism.

Well, men too can suffer from low self-esteem, insecurity, and enormous self doubt that can compromise the stability of their intimate relationships.

Because we've tended to stereotype men as the 'tough ones,' we've missed the boat on understanding the complexity of their inner world.

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Tell me why you don't juse them and I will conveince you that you should." I justify writing a blog about this because I am a lonely author who works out of my home.

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