Adult piss chat rooms

" I demand a funded study.whereas women, who have grown up with private walled toilets, generally have no problem at all with the same interaction. There are few things I hate more than someone trying to talk to me while I'm in the bathroom.Drives me absolutely bonkers- and I'm including the entire bathroom time, up to opening the door to leave.Speaking to each other- provided only that you already know each other- becomes acceptable once the users exit their respective stalls, and after they step away from the urinal and are completely zipped and safe from prying eyes. I really feel weird if a co-worker is chatting to me from the next stall while they blast out a succession of farts. If men are so uptight about urinals, why are they even still in use?And comments may include only the following: 1) Hey, what's up. 2) What the fuck was _________ talking about this morning- did you catch that? For that matter, assuming a man invented it, how did it come into use in the first place if it's such source of discomfort?

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The funniest scene in a movie with this is "Along Came Polly".

It should be regarded as the single most interesting sight at that particular moment, and one's gaze should never waver from it until the conclusion of business, which carries through the acts of "shaking" and "zipping." Conversation is forbidden, as is glancing around the room for any reason other than the event of an emergency.

Either action withdraws attention from "the spot" which is strictly, if tacitly, forbidden.

Ben Stiller is trying to go, and Alec Baldwin, his loudmouth boss, comes in and stands right next to him. I find it utterly disgusting when someone gets on their cellphone. Thankfully none of my coworkers are the bathroom Chatty Cathy types, but plenty of other people in the building are.

Stiller is staring at the wall, while Baldwin rambles on. And I do think there is a big difference between office bathroom and bar bathroom.